Coaching & Consulting

“You don’t know, what you don’t know. So you can confidently go about your business, relationship and conflict management problems (or potential problems) need to be identified and de-mystified.”

Kate can help you understand your operating structure and external environment to ensure that your business relationships are sustainable and you can leverage your stakeholder relationships (such as your business partners, suppliers, regulators and between directors and management).   

Kate can also triage your potential concerns because it is not always clear when you need advice, or what that advice should be. For example, having a robust complaints system that is effectively integrated into your organisation should be an essential part of your well-being strategy.

Kate can offer one-on-one or workshop style conflict coaching sessions. She offers to plan programmes for more complex  skill building or relationship management. As our operating environment becomes more complex and the people we deal with become more diverse, leaders need to learn how to have, and benefit from, challenging conversations more than ever.

“I want to empower businesses so they learn to identify key legal issues to focus on and build up their capability to manage them without making costly business mistakes." 


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