How it works

Kate provides an objective and a fresh perspective that will test your thinking.

“I like to put a modern twist on my old-school qualifications.”

Within each of the service areas collaborative facilitation, early intervention and mediation there are three phases of activity. You may only require the first phase, or fully engage by continuing onto the second phase. The third and final phase provides the opportunity to keep Kate involved to ensure actions are followed through successfully. Kate can design coaching and consulting sessions to suit your needs.

Continuing to tap into Kate’s services on an ongoing basis is highly recommended. You may need her continued support or the problems that brought you to Kate initially will not be solved and  become more entrenched.

Phase 1

Independent review

  1. Free chat with the Fair Way team. Estimate for Phase 1 (if any)
  2. Meet with first point of contact (e.g. you or your advisor) 
  3. Objective assessment of what is required
  4. Recommendations and Estimate for Phase 2, if required
Phase 2

Relationship building

  1. Meet individually with all people involved,  "preparation for mediation" sessions
  2. Facilitate group meeting/mediation
  3. Develop a plan agreeable to all parties
  4. Estimate for Phase 3, if required
Phase 3

Ongoing support

Options include:

  • Monthly meetings with key people
  • Co-design policies and processes
  • Six monthly meetings with group
  • One-on-one coaching or group training
  • Engagement as an ongoing advisor